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  1. Christina Deleon says:

    Hi Maria! It is good to see and hear from you on your website…I am finally back on Mr. Young’s updates so it was so good to see how you were doing with race walking at least. Hope to see you when I am in NY but you may be in another country in August but either way my number is (***) *** *** Much love!

  2. Sarah L- ROOMIE!!! says:

    Hey buddy! I got your card and am in the process of writing you one back  It was so good to hear from you, and I’m happy to keep updated with your trials and triumphs through your very own DOT COM!! Best of luck with everything–
    much love!

  3. Texas Dunleavys says:

    Just got off the phone with your Mom. So excited to hear that you are all doing so well! Sounds like Katie is right behind you! Love all of the pictures on your page. You are such an inspiration for our whole family. We continue to pray for you everyday! May the Lord bless and keep you.

  4. mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

    on June 1, 2012 at 12:35 am said:
    Thanks so much, I really appreciate the prayers and support! I hope all is well with Fiona’s training and wish her the best of luck at Youth Nationals! I hope she can make it out to Tim’s camp this December as it would be such a great opportunity for her, and Katie would love to see her!!!

  5. Mark Maningo says:

    Spoke briefly with you @ PJ concerning a comedy fundraising event right in Smithtown. Feel it could be a very good night for you.

  6. Kellman Corp says:

    Maria, would love to help your cause out with that 6/21 comedy idea we spoke about.

  7. Smithtown News says:

    Hi Maria,

    My name is Anthony Lifrieri and I write for the Smithtown News. Firstly, congratulations on your walking and making the olympics. I’d like to do a feature story on you in the paper. If you’re interested in being interviewed, please email me at to set up a time.

    Thanks and good luck,

  8. Eric Berman says:

    Just received a text from Tom Coffey. I work with him at Seneca. Great work over in Oregon. I wish you all the lucky in London!


  9. Danielle Sullivan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I just looked up the results! AMAZING!!!! You’re going to the Olympics!! Woohoo!
    Danielle Sullivan

  10. Kelly Schroeder says:

    Congrats Maria on reaching your goals and achieving your dreams! Sometimes reality just doesn’t seem real! You have accomplished something AMAZING! Stay Proud!

  11. Brooke says:

    Hi Maria! I am too part of the sachem family and will be attending Sachem North next year. My dad just told me you are going to the Olympics!!!!! Congradulations!!!!! My family and I will be looking for while watching this year!!! Good Luck 🙂

    • mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

      Hi Brooke, thanks, it means so much to know I have so many people back home watching, cheering, and supporting me!!! I am so proud to be Sachem’s 1st Olympian! There isn’t a better school to be a part of than Sachem! The next four years will be an amazing journey for you, enjoy every moment because they will fly bye!

      Maria Class 04

  12. Tammy says:

    Hi Maria –

    This is Tammy from NBC 4 New York. We would love to do an interview with you if you’re in the tri-state area. We can definitely work around your schedule.

    Please email me and we can talk more about this!

    Hope to talk soon!

  13. Sam says:

    Huge Congrats to you! Loved reading your stories. I can say I knew you when 
    Enjoy every moment…can’t wait to read about your Olympic experience. Again-Congrats!

  14. Kathleen Brooks, PT , Active Release Provider says:

    Hi Maria,
    Congrats!!!! This wonderful journey was destined to be yours. You were this determined back in college, when I met first met you treating an injury to your foot. You were going to nationals & I needed to ” fix it fast “. You won & brought me back a USA TRACK TEAM shirt – with Olympic symbols on the sleeve!!!!
    When I came across your website today, I ran upstairs to put it on!!!!!!!!!!
    My family & I will be watching and following you throughout your Olympic expirence- here in Massapequa Park.
    P.s.- I also remember Joey. He drove you to one of your appointments. So happy for both of you.!!!!!!

  15. Dona says:

    My entire family wishes you to the biggest Congratulations!!!! We are so happy you made it!! We hope you and Joey have the best time in London and we can’t wait to watch you compete!! We wish you much luck and success and we’ll be cheering you on!!!
    With warmest regards,
    Dona, Greg, Gregory and Stephany (Joey’s cousins)

  16. Debbi Sullivan says:


    Great Job making the Olympic Team! So proud to have a really good person and great athlete representing USA in the Women’s 20k Walk! Enjoy every moment…each one will be a memory that lasts a lifetime! Keep doing what you did to “get there”–don’t change a thing–and, when you get back (if you have time) I’d love to chat with you. Stay healthy, strong and guard your mind…it is the key to your success!

    Go Fast & God Bless…

    Debbi Sullivan
    USA Olympian

    • mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

      Hi Debbie!

      Great to hear from another Olympian! May I ask how you came across my blog? I am honored that you took the time to offer some advice, it is greatly appreciated! Congrats on your own athletic success, can’t beat an Olympic Gold!


  17. Sara says:


    My name is Sara R. Hendricks and I’m the Assignment Editor with Fios1 News Long Island. We would like to interview you for our morning show .. but we would like to interview you today. Please call me at 914-417-2770. Thank you!

  18. Wayne Baker says:

    Maria, I want to wish you a great race in London. I’m pretty sure we’ve crossed paths at the 40K a couple of years ago. It’s great to see a “local girl” going to the Olympics – now the goal has to be to get multiple women there. I guess I need to say something like “walk your legs off.” Walk a wise race.


  19. Rich Pignataro says:

    Hey Maria
    Your accomplishes are too many to list but I just wanted you to know Amy and I are very proud of you and that we know you just remember when you’re ready to compete “any given day”(from the movie any given Sunday) what ever happens I will never forget that I have known you ans even coached you albeit soccer not race walking and will be a sense of pride forever good luck congrats on your engagement and no matter what happens everyone who knows you is proud of you

  20. Sam Palmer says:

    From a fellow race walker to another, Congratulations! I went to Longwood High School and had to opportunity to race against Jenna who would always beat me lol. I am very proud and understand how hard you have worked. I will be rooting for you along with friends back in the states! Officially an Olympian! Represent L.I! Good Luck!!!!!!

  21. Alex Young says:

    on July 31, 2012 at 11:10 pm said:
    Hi Maria –
    I have kept up with some of your tweets as well as other Maria moments since you left for London. I think you understand “vicarious” better than anyone now as so many are living the Olympic experience through you.
    Your Rule #40 tweet was well written and absolutely correct. I’m proud of you.
    I have spoken to quite a few new RW fans about you. Inevitably, the question “How fast?” arises. My answer has been consistent since Trials. You will race to a career best. I have in my own mind what your time will be with 20-30 seconds but I will keep that to myself.
    As always I am impressed and inspired by you. You have touched so many lives in your pursuit of your own dream. I tell anyone who will listen that the best athletes are doing “it” for people and forces far beyond themselves. You personify the very best there is in athletics. What you are doing transcends sports and fits the ideals that I favor (and the ancient Greeks espoused among others) on the pursuit of excellence. Vincent Lombardi declared that winning isn’t a sometimes thing, it’s an always thing nearly half a century ago. One of your former teammates posted a comment that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination recently. When Socrates was asked “What is the way of a true life?”, he had no answer. But he did offer three lessons: 1. Keep interested in the truth. 2. Make sure that your soul is as good as possible. 3. To get a good soul, maintain the four virtues of prudence, temperance, courage and justice. In your own pursuit of excellence in sport, academics, family and life, Maria, I think that you are on a Socratic path to a true life.
    I am proud of you. And I am thankful to have been part of your journey. Like so many others, I will be with you each step of your race on August 11. Stay true. Keep inspiring. Become, Maria.
    Alex Young

  22. Norma Egic says:

    Hi Maria,
    We have actively been stalking  all of your news segments and sound bites. We are so proud of you and know that your Girl Scout training prepared you for anything including the Olympics.  We are having a Maria watching party on August 11 and will be cheering you on. You are an amazing woman and an inspiration to all Sachem athletes. You have proved yourself a champion to all who know or have known you. It is obvious that you have had much support from family and friends who will be in the stands and watching on TV, applauding your accomplishment. You are our favorite Olympian. Go USA.
    The Egic and Keith Families

    • mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

      Thanks! So great to hear from the both of you, go Troup 1178 (I think I have the number right?)! That’s awesome to hear you guys will be having a party to watch my race on the 11th, not sure how many shots of me they’ll show, but I’ll be racing in red (the uniform I was wearing on the today show clip)! Feel free to scream at the TV, because every scream, holler, and hoot will reach me as a good vibe as I am out there racing on the course!

      Much love,


  23. K.C. Johnson says:

    Maria, I’m a reporter for the Chicago Tribune/Los Angeles Times wanting to write a feature on you. USA Track and Field hasn’t returned my calls/emails. Can you or somebody from your camp email me? Thanks.

  24. Anthony Lifrieri says:

    Hi Maria,

    It’s Anthony form the Smithtown News. I tried to email you last week but I got your address wrong. Must have been autocorrect on my phone or something. Can you shoot me an email so I have it write. I’d also like to send you a couple of quick questions, as well as those pictures you wanted.


  25. Ed says:

    Heard a rumor there was a Sachem North grad here in London competing in the race walk on Saturday. Glad to hear it was true! I’ll be there with my American flag, taking pictures (happy to share), and will be sure to recruit some friends to cheer you on.

    GOOD LUCK and Go USA!!

    Ed R.
    London, UK
    Sachem Class of 98 & Varsity Winter Track Team

    • mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

      Hi Ed! That’s great to hear, look forward to having you out on the race course cheering me on! I’m in the best shape of my life and looking forward to a PB! I’ll be racing in red!

  26. Mark Laura says:

    Hello Maria,
    We are all very excited to see you race on the 11th! All of Sachem is rooting for you! We wish you all the very best! I was hoping that Rachel (Rachel Paul) could do an interview with you on WSHR before she graduated. We where not able to pull it off in time. I Hope that maybe you and Rachel can find some time after the Olympics to stop by the station or our broadcast class. The students and I would be honored!

    Please feel free to email me at

    Once again…Best of LUCK!! We are all cheering for you!!

    Mark Laura
    WSHR General Manager
    Sachem Alumni, Class 1987

  27. The Schacknes says:

    Have a great race Maria
    Were rooting for you
    GO USA
    Were very proud of you “33″

  28. Joan Olivieri says:

    Maria, Good Luck today. We love you. We will be with you all the way.
    Love, The Olivieri Family

  29. Jackie Berman-Monaco says:

    We don’t know each other, but we both have the same roots. I ran at Sachem and was the Class of 1999. I just wanted to wish you tons of luck today. You accomplished what most of us couldn’t and no matter how today turns out, you should hold your head high. Know that you have many Sachem Alumni fans cheering you on today.

    Best wishes always,
    Jackie Monaco (Berman)

  30. Joe Joyner says:

    Congratulations Maria on a job well done!!

    Joe Joyner
    C. W. Post class of ’71
    C. W. Post/LI Racewalkers racewalker, 1969 – 71

  31. Alice Hudson says:

    Congratulations on finishing the race and your personal best! Thanks for representing the U.S. We’ve never met but it was exciting to know that we had a neighbor competing in the Olympics!

  32. Alex Young says:

    You lived up to one of our team maxims – the will to win means nothing without the will to prepare. You began preparing for your 2012 Olympics race on a mild-temperature late autumn day in November, 2010 as you showed surprising good form in our race walk clinic during an early season winter track and field workout. Wonderful, wonderful!
    You are an inspiration, Maria.

  33. Sam Palmer says:

    Way to represent race walkers and biology nerds! you got your A! Congratulations Maria!!!!

  34. Andy Jackson says:

    Congratulations on your great performance! I found your blog after reading about your finish. Couldn’t get home in time from work to watch your event, but was pulling for you. Are you going to update the blog soon to tell how the race went from your perspective and the events that followed?

    Congrats again on your fine effort.

  35. Eileen Sottung says:

    Maria, Thank you for bringing much excitement and inspiration to me and my two little girls, Kayla and Madison during the Olympic season. You so kindly, sent them a postcard from the Olympic Village and we have told everyone who would listen to our story- about how you wrote them back and how exciting this was! The postcard remains on our refrigerator! We watched the race on tv and on our computer so we could see you finish. So happy that you met all of your goals and represented our country and Nesconset so well!! Hope the girls can meet you someday- everytime we pass your house- Madison – who is only three- gets all excited and says- its Maria Michta’s house!!! Its Maria Michta’s house!! Thank you and congratulations on all of your achievements!!

  36. Joshua Bumgardner says:

    Ms. Michta,

    I am doing an article for a new Long Island Publication called LIB. We are about a week or so away from launch, this online zine focuses on what’s happening on Long Island.

    In our first issue we would like our readers to learn about you and what you might be doing now that the Olympics are over.

    I would really enjoy hearing back from you so we can discuss this idea further,

    Joshua Bumgardner

    You can visit LIB on Facebook at

  37. Peter Balfe says:

    Loved the TWIV links! A classic “TWIV bump”. Also I think your Occludin paper was huge fun.

    Give Matt a big Hello from Jane and me.


  38. Mark Gurello (Pack 124 Cubmaster) says:

    Hi Maria,

    I just wanted to thank you again for coming to speak to our cub scouts yesterday. You were wonderful. I speak to the kids all the time and their usually done listening to me after 10 minutes. They were captivated, exciting, and entertained by you. We all were. From the slide show, to answering questions, to explaining every aspect of your journey, everything was so entertaining. If you weren’t becoming a doctor you would have a great career as a speaker. Thank You Again and were are all praying for you to make the Olympics again.

    God Bless,

    Mark Gurello

    • mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

      Thanks Mark! I’m glad it was received so well as I really enjoyed getting to share my story with the boys and their families!

      Thanks for inviting me,


  39. Sophie says:

    You are an inspiration to us all! The fact that you are out there living your dream is so amazing! Good luck in Rio! What would be your advice to someone who would like to be in the Olympics? Thanks and good luck!

  40. Zhou Guanhuai says:

    Dear Maria:

    Greeting from China!

    Hello! My name is Zhou Guanhuai. I am a graduate student in China who is a fan of women’s race walk and you as well. I love watching your games very much and I’m also following your performance in recent 2015 IAAF World Championship in Beijing. Today I feel really happy and honor to have this chance to contact you, and I want to wish you all the best in the future. And I’ll surely keep on following and supporting you in China all the time! Good luck and all the best!

    At this time I have a little request. As a fan of you, It’s really my dream to obtain an autographed card of you for my collections, so if it is possible, could you please send me one in your earliest convenience. My postal address is shown below. Thank you in advance!

    Yours sincerely

    My address:
    Zhou Guanhuai
    Boao Liyuan 2A2305
    Shushan District
    230088 Hefei Anhui

    • mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

      Hi Zhou,

      Great hearing from you. I had a wonderful racing and tourist experience in China this summer. What are you studying in graduate school? I finished grad school just over a year ago studying the hepatitis C virus in a microbiology department.
      Best of luck with your studies. I will try to send you an autograph this week.


      • Zhou Guanhuai says:

        Dear Maria:

        Many thanks that I have just received the autographed postcard of you this morning that you sent me on Oct 14, it’s really a beautiful postcard with the photo of 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony, I’d take a time to find you in so many American atheletes.^_^ Thank you so much! I love the card very very much.

        Actually I’m a graduate student major in Chinese-English translation currently in Anhui University in my hometown Hefei, Anhui in eastern China, while in the past, during my undergraduate life, I was once major in ecology but I changed my major in my graduate studies. It’s nice to experience different lifestyle and study different knowledge. However, one thing is remain unchanged that I’m still a fan of American athletics and you. Once again, many congratulations for your good performance in 2015 and looking forward to see you compete in Rio de Janeiro next summer, I’ll keep up with your races and support you in China all the time! Good luck and all the best~~

        Yours sincerely

        Zhou Guanhuai

  41. Joe Lemire says:


    I am a sports writer for Vocativ and think you’d have a unique perspective for a story I’m writing about Olympic hopefuls. Can you reach out to me? Thank you for your time and help.


  42. Archie Snowden says:

    HI Ms. Michta,
    Congratulations on the Olympics in Brazil. I am a journalist for the Verizon FiOS News Network and would like to produce a story on your journey and the spirt of race walking for our show titled Push Pause, the most watched program on the TV news channel. ( Can we speak about a profile on you for our viewers to get to know and follow you?

    Thanks. I will look forward to hearing from you!

  43. John Dundon says:

    Hey Maria,

    I’m a writer from the Long Island Press- a Long Island based (duh) newspaper and I’m running a story on Olympians from the LI area. If you could contact me via email, I’d love a chance to chat about your Long Island roots, among other things.

    Thanks much, and congrats on all your success!

  44. Chloe says:

    Hi Maria!

    I’m about to be a junior in high school and was introduced to racewalk during my indoor season sophomore year. Unfortunately, my school doesn’t have a racewalk coach and I had to work with a team mate of mine to figure it out. In the upcoming year, the track coaches have big plans on me getting to nationals and I was just recently reading a Runner’s World article where you brought up the fact that we could contact you if we are in need of resources. I would be so thankful if you had any you could offer or any ideas on how to get a coach.

    Thank you so much!!

    • mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

      Hi Chloe,

      Please provide me more details about were you live as that will better assist me locating resources to help you. Also let me know what your PRs are and what your typical training involves. If you prefer to leave me your email address I can directly contact you and we can discuss the above!


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