Eyes on the prize, full steam ahead!


Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard quite a bit about Brazil recently, 1-Rio is hosting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games this August, and 2- there is a Zika virus outbreak in Brazil and much of South and Central America. Therefore A LOT of people have been asking me questions about my opinion on both matters, especially how #2 impacts #1 and vice a versa.

Curious about what my feelings were earlier checkout these two articles:

“The Olympic hopeful for whom Zika hits really close to home”

“Zike causes American Olympians to scramble” (Joe was also interviewed for this one!)

As for now I know everything comes down to numbers and probabilities so here’s to hoping for the best 🍻

“Rio Olympics 2016: why athletes and fans aren’t likely to catch Zika”

Currently, I’m focused on being an Olympic hopeful. I am drawing on all the positive energy and excitement to propel me forward in my dreams of making a second Olympic Team. After I cross the line and punch my ticket to Rio I’ll let the scientist reemerge and re-analyze the current Zika status and all available info. Then and only then will I be able to make any further decisions regarding mine and my family’s travel plans. So please refrain from sharing any negativity, bad press or asking my opinion on the matter. Nothing in Rio right now will impact my race in Salem on June 30th. Until I’ve earned my Olympic Berth my number one focus is making the team! Thank you for your continued support along my Olympic Journey!