From a spectator on the couch, to an Olympian watching live!


Watching women’s gymnastics at the Olympics LIVE!

Today has been such an amazing day. I did my first hard workout since arriving in London, repeat 2k’s again. They were slightly slower than in NY the other week but I can’t complain because they are still at PR pace, and I did the workout completely solo! My legs felt great but my hips felt like I was missing the last gear to really boogie. Overall it’s very encouraging because I have no doubt that now as I enter my taper that last gear with loosen up and be ready to go. After training I had a so so lunch but enjoyed the company of fellow Team USA athletes. It’s always great meeting new people!Then it was off to see Beth one of our massage therapist. She dug into my legs so deep on Saturday that I still have painful black and blues, but no pain no gain right. My range of motion improved tremendously after she beat them up so it was worth it. Today she really concentrated on digging in on my glutes and hip region and was a lot more gentle lower down on my legs, that it actually felt like a relaxing massage! So thankful to have access to her expertise while I’m here. It’s this type of therapy, maintenance and prehab that really allows me to train and compete at this high of a level.Then after my legs were good and flushed I headed out of the Village with Suitemate Lacy. Yesterday we had ventured out of the Village to see Women’s Volleyball USA vd BRA and men’s team gymnastics. The subway(tube/underground) station was very crowded but in my opinion no worse than the NYC subway during rush hour. We had to travel much further and go through a connection to get out to volleyball. Plus it was our first time traveling there which made it take longer because we weren’t always 100% sure where we were going. Today was much easier, simpler, and shorter, not to mention that we allotted ourselves plenty of time to get there with out being stressed and rushed.We had tickets to watch the Women’s Team Gymnastic finals! So incredibly exciting! I always love watching the gymnastics on tv during the Olympics and today I was there in person watching it unfold flip after flip, stuck landing after landing all LIVE! Our seats were right near the uneven bars, which is my favorite event in women’s gymnastics. I was able to watch all eight teams on the bars as well as the other apparatus. The crowd was loud and vibrant and there were plenty of Team USA supporters out there. I sat next to Lacy and we also met up with two of our 800m girls as well. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience!Once the competition was over the medalists were brought back out for the awards ceremony. Lacy, Alice (800m), and I all decided to stay. We were all talking about how amazing the experience was and all admitted that it was making us choke up. The Olympics have always been, are and will be magical and tonight we were apart of that magic as Olympians ourselves. Throughout the competition we kept referring to the Atlanta 1996 Olympiad and the Magnificent 7 in one way or another. I shared how it was that summer that I fell in love with the Olympics and where my Olympic Dream began. Lacy shared that 1996 was the first summer she had ever seen pole vault (her Olympic Event). Alice shared how she remembers watching those Olympics, hearing how young the gymnasts were and thinking, oh well I’m too old to ever make an Olympic Team. Wow, we all can remember being the spectator, sitting at home on the couch and wishing we were the ones competing. We had all never competed in our current Olympic Event at that moment in time, and now look at us, WE are Olympians!It didn’t happen over night, not even over another 4 year Olympic cycle. Several Olympiads had come and gone, still the spectator, always the dreamer. It took lots of training, it took lots of sacrifice. It took a lot of support! After admitting about how choked up this experience was making us, we immediately began talking about P&G “Thank you Mom!” commercials, because damn those commercials are moving! That too was something that all three of us shared, those moments when Mom was there for you all the little things, the packed lunches, chauffeuring to practices, cheering on the sidelines in the sun and the rain. Those moments, that support is what got us from being Olympic Aficionados on the couch in front of the TV to the Olympians out on the track! Thank you Mom, thank you Dad too! Thank you P&G for helping us thank them too!It was fun sharing in this moment together, look how far all of us have come! This convo for sure will be one of those special moments from the Games that will last a lifetime. And guess what….that means that all you 8, 10, 12, 14 year old “kids” sitting at home, that too can be you! Dare to dream, dare to believe, because you too can Become!