Getting ready for London!

Getting it done with the help of my girls Rachel and Shannon

Tuesday July 24th was my last hard quality workout before leaving for London. On the agenda was 3x4k. Monday night I had gotten one of the high school girls Shannon O’Hehir to agree to jog next to me. This pumped me up and I was excited for another great hard training session. Unfortunately Tuesday the weather had returned to being hot & humid , not ideal for cranking fast splits. Tim warned me not to go too fast in the beginning and to heat adjust my target times. While by no means was it my best workout it, it still has shaped me to be a stronger tougher athlete. Thanks to Shannon, Rachel, Coach Schaub, and Joey who rotated through accompanying me during the workout. It helps more than you know!

After my last track session I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then it was off to Ashley (Bean’s) house to get my nails festively painted for London. She is extremely talented with nail polish and a fine brush.



I not only got the American Flag and British Flag, but also the Olympic Rings and either London or 2012 underneath the rings! They came out amazing!!! Thanks!

Then I had the rest of the day for packing. Had to get another pair of trainers from 2nd Wind, luckily they still had my size left. Then I stopped at Target and purchased some essential snacks. I didn’t go over board with packing my own food and cooking supplies as this time A) the water is safe to drink which opens up a lot more food possibilities B) it’s the Olympics and I am told they have everything there!

By 6:30pm Tues night I was off to the Nesconset Summer Series Concert where I was being honored by Legislator John Kennedy and the whole Nesconset community. I was really touched by everyone’s support and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed meeting the young kids there who wanted pictures and autographs. There were also some great posters that some of the kids drawn. Thanks Nesconset, I am proud to represent our community over in London!

Saying see ya later at the airport

I finished packing after returning from the concert and went to bed around 1am. The next morning I got to sleep in on the later side until 8am and got in my very last race walk in NY before heading to London. Before I knew it, it was time to head to the airport. I was flying direct on Delta from JFK into LHR. It was sad to say goodbye to my family, especially Joey. At least I know they will be joining me in London!

See ya later NY, it’s time to live my dream in London!