Go G-men!

As I mentioned Joey and I got free Giants Tickets for the Sept 16th Giants vs Tampa Bay Game home at the Met Life stadium. This was because the Giants were honoring the summer 2012 Olympians and each Olympian could bring one invited guest.

Not only did we get tickets for great seats, but we also scored field passes to watch warmups and the 1/2time show. The warmups were awesome and I took over 200 photos then alone. We were literally sanding right there on the sideline. At one point Bradshaw ran alongside the crowd and gave everyone high fives. What a weekend shook the President’s hand in Friday with my right hand and high fived Bradshaw on Sunday with the other!

Despite each player having his own specialized warmup to focus on key areas and plays it was awesome to see them all lined up stretching as one huge Team. While those guys are beyond ridiculously big, both tall and wide, wow are they also flexible too!

After warmups were over and the players returned to the locker room there was a little confusion about where to go. It wound up being that all the Olympic Athletes could stay on the sidelines and our guests had to go back to our seats in the stands. This is because we were literally on the sideline were all the media and players and staff are. Therefore they wanted to keep the number of people to a minimum.

Can you find Joey?

I felt bad sending Joey up alone, but at least he saw warm-up and I would be joining him shortly in the stands.

We spent the whole first quarter on the sideline which was definitely and awesome experience but also made it difficult to really follow each play. Especially when it happened in front of us ironically because the media crews would come swarming in.

Our on the side line view


View from the sideline

Then after the 1st quarter ended we got called out onto the field and received a huge applause from the crowd. It was in this moment that it hit me again, omg it was me that they were cheering for, I Maria Michta had done it, I became the Olympian. Normally I would have been siting in the crowd (in seats that would have cost a fortune) and been loudly applauding the Olympians getting chills as a pang of nervous excitement would rush through me. Today I was the celebrated Olympian! After our moment it was time to head up into the stands to our still really awesome seats.

I was excited to join up with Joey again and watch the game from an overhead view. After a slow start for the Giants they pulled it together and ended in a win. Like true fans we stuck it out to the end and got to take a packed train back to NYC.

What an incredible day, so thankful I got to spend it with Joey! Then that night it was back to lab and back to reality. I did a quick hour of work and got to witness another beautiful sunset that can only be seen from lab!