Happy New Year, Happy New Training Location!


And here we are again, it seems like just yesterday I was trading in champagne for my glacial freeze Gatorade as I welcomed in the new year. The only difference is it’s 2016 not 2012…oh yeah and I’m also married, obtained my Ph.D. and a whole heck of a lot stronger inside and out! 2015 ended with a great string of training. As shaky as September and early October felt as I got back into the swing of training and balancing my first semester teaching and I am happy to report that I closed out 2015 with really solid training that has me energized and highly motivated for the demanding yet rewarding season that lies ahead.

I was very fortunate that we were experiencing El Nino weather patterns which resulted in a very very mild Nov-Dec. I mean it doesn’t get much better than shorts and t-shirt for my Christmas morning run! But I wasn’t going to take any chances and had scheduled a short training camp in San Diego for early Jan just after the holidays and right before my training schedule began. I had my fair share of brutal for training with lots of windy cold sub-zero days, where it felt like more days than not white stuff came down last year. The polar air finally swooped down and just before I left the temperatures plummeted. I had my last hard session before flying out battling 21mph winds in feels like 15˚C temperature. The upside was there was still no snow and I knew a day later I was headed to San Diego. Unfortunately, as the case has been the last few times I’ve traveled to SoCal I bring the rains. You’re welcome San Diego I have landed and your drought will too!


You would never know there was so much flash flooding on and off today looking at that sky!


The only evidence of a rain soaked start to our training is the puddle that remains!

I still would choose a rain soaked San Diego morning of training over a frigid cold New York one any day of the winter. We even lucked out my first morning of training where the sky cleared and the sun pushed through for an hour during the tail end of our training.  The same was not the case the next morning when we showed up to train as it was a torrential down pour. But once again we mainly lucked out as that storm cell blew through rather quickly and only once did we get a cloud burst of rain. A windy winter day in San Diego is better than a windy winter day in NY! The rain and flash flooding continued on and off the remainder of the day once again only getting us sprinkled on during our shake out run that afternoon. Friday was the first mainly sunny morning of training and the sun hung around for most of the day too. Now this was the weather I was hoping for!

From here on out the weather should be very favorable for training for, and it came just in time. Tomorrow morning we will tackle our longest and most difficult training session of the season. Excited to keep putting money in the bank and to have plenty of TEAMmates around to make it more enjoyable. Tomorrow will also be another day with a double and after our shake out run our TEAM will gather for a meeting to discuss our up coming racing season now that we know both the location and date of World Team Challenge (formerly World Cup) event. As my TEAMmate Katie said upon hearing that Rome, Italy was selected to host the competition, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, everyday between now and then will be important to our success.” I couldn’t agree more!