It just became a six ring summer!

Tiana Beach

Sunday July 22nd Joey and I took a day trip out east to the beach. Like most long islanders when the weather is hot and sticky we enjoy going down to the shore to cool off and relax. Sunday I had a longer workout and we got a later start so by the time we made it out to Dune Road the parking lot at Cupsouge Beach was filled. Luckliy for us Jack was down working at Tiana Beach and got us in there. Thanks Jack!

We had never been to Tiana Beach before but it was great. We walked down a little further were it wasn’t too crowd and spread out our towels and umbrella. Joey went down for a swim to practice a little open water swimming in preparation for some triathalons this summer. I walked down to the water and watched him. Then when he was done swimming we headed back to our towels and laided out for a little catching up on reading. Joey can never lay down for more than 15min without wanting to have a catch, or play paddle ball or something of that nature. He grew restless again and told me he wanted to go for a run. I was content to keep reading since I had already covered my milage that morning. He was gone for awhile and when he returned wanted to play some paddle ball. We played for no more than 5 min before he decided he wanted to go for a walk.

He had been very antsy all day and especially so during our walk. Normally we walk close along the shore with an occassional wave rolling over our feet. Today we kept zigzagging back and forth along the sand. Further up on the sand Joey pointed out some shells that from afar looked like people had maybe had a bonfire because the shells were in a somewhat circular pattern with a beet bottle in the center and a piece of dift wood along the side perhaps as a bench to sit on. He said we should keep walking and lets checkout the shells on our return walk.

After we had walked a good 15-20min in one direction we decided to head back. Joey was even more fidgety and kept haing to stretch his hamstring from his run. In my mind I thought he was using the stretch as an excuse to segway into getting down on one knee, as I had a feeling just by the way he had been acting the past few days that he was about to pop the question. Turns out his hamstring really was tight but those shell we had passed earlier were not left behind from a bonfire. As Joey steered me up closer to the shells I saw that they spelled out “I <3 EA” and the beer bottle was actually a root beer bottle.

The root beer bottle is significant because every year in the fall Joey and I would go out east apple picking and stop at the AppleBee’s in riverhead for lunch afterwards. At AppleBee’s I’d order a rootbeer which was the specialty kind in a glass bottle from Boylan’s. I would keep the bottle and have one for every year we went apple picking out east. The bottle he had snagged from my bedroom had a message rolled up inside. I unrolled it and read a beautiful note congratulating me on my Olympic achievement and that I reached the highest level of athletic competition. He then used my 5 Olympic rings and the esteem of that accomplishment as an analogy to the one ring I had yet to achieve. At that point he got down on one knee and proposed to me.
I of course said “Yes!” and couldn’t stop giggling and smiling. The ring is gorguos and he did an amazing job designing it. We snapped a few hundred pictures, or close to it before recollecting all the shells to take home as a souveneer. Well I personally already head something much better to show for our engagement but Joey would have to settle for a heavy backpack full of shells!

We were both starving by this point and grabbed a quick bite to eat at Neptunes. We scarfed down our food and shared the news with our families, who already knew that it was happening that day.

We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at the Jamesport Manor Inn. It was clearly obvious that we were giddy in love and combined with the fact that we couldn’t stop gushing over my ring it was pretty easy for the hostess to identify us as newly engaged and comped us a champagne toast! That day was a perfect Joey and Ea day and the ring just made it all the more better!

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  1. Susan says:

    Congratulations! That was such a sweet story, thanks for sharing with us. This has become quite a year for you, enjoy the ride! Best of luck and love

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