What began as a women’s athletic company exclusively selling apparel online quickly grew into something far greater than workout clothes. In creating a brand identity, a way to set themselves apart from competitors, Oiselle (pronounced WAA ZELLE), created a sisterhood of women who are connected by their passion and love for running. There is this sense of belonging and camaraderie among strangers united through a passion for running, fitness and self-discovery. Oiselle is NOT a company that sponsors a jersey; they support a community, build a sisterhood, and enable the dreams of athletes like myself. I am honored to say I am part of the Team: Haute Volee. After all how can you not embrace a company with mottos like, “head up, wings out”and “Go fast, take chances”? Oh yeah and they make great fitting and functioning clothes too! Have a look for yourself…trust me their lux fabric is to die for when layering to resist the wintery wrath of Mother Nature!


Head up, wings out!


 cwqpcslwiaalj73“I pledge that I have and will always train clean, compete clean and live clean. Stand with me at 

 Clean Sport Collective is a community of powerful voices comprised of athletes, brands, events, clubs, fans and public to support the pursuit of clean sport and athletics through the absence of performance enhancing drugs.

With the help of our partners, we will work together to bring the importance of clean sport to the general public through awareness, testing, industry advocacy and restoration.


Women’s Sport’s Foundation:

logoAn amazing foundation that focuses on promoting women and girls in all level of sports. The WSF helps make it possible whether it’s the motivation to get up moving and be active or supporting our female athletes as they train to achieve their Olympic Dreams WSF helps every step of the way. Check out the great programs they are involved with and all the ways that they help empower females through sport!


Picky Bar’s Feed the Dream:

I am constantly being asked what I eat, do I count calories, can I drink alcohol etc etc. While this is a long a complicated answer let me share something short and sometimes sweet but always satisfying: Picky Bars! These are a delicious sports bar that travel everywhere, don’t upset my sensitive stomach and are created, owned, and operated by some really awesome athletes! I must disclose that I am fortunate to receive a free monthly subscription of 24 bars a month now through the Olympic Games, but have consumed Picky Bars since 2011! Go ahead and give ’em a try…my favorite is “Ah fudge nuts” and Lauren’s Mega Nuts!


Nuun hydration:

As distance athletes we sweat, and as a result loose a lot of liquid and throw off our electrolyete balance. Nuun offers several products in a wide array of flavors to combat dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Excited that Champions-International has been selected as  an ambassador team. Try some today!

Champions International :

New team website

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