Perfect training weather, best 2k workout yet!

Thanks for the help KT!

This morning I did one of my last harder workouts before I leave for London. I had repeat 2k’s with 2min rest. I was determined to take advantage of the perfect weather that started at 70 deg and only rose to 71 deg at the finish. I was also lucky to have my sister Katie running out there to help keep me on pace. This helped a lot! This was my most consisent workout and all but one of my intervals (the only one that I had to do solo) was at or slightly faster than A standard pace. I still need to get better at pushing myself when I train alone, but I am hoping to have other women to race with and against in London. This is extremely encouraging as I continue to prepare for the Olympic Games. Thanks again Katie, you logged another solid 10 miles of running today!

Team USA in Training!