Recovery, Relaxing, and Family Time- Part II

The city of Portland, Oregon

While my family was well on their way across the US back home to LI, I was starting my Fourth of July holiday with a 40min bike ride down in the gym of the hotel. My legs felt worse the day after hiking then they had from racing. I had definitely used my glutes a lot the previous day. After a good sweat and a refreshing shower we headed out for another day packed with fun. Joey’s Mom had booked us a ride on a jetboat tour. We all had a blast on the boat and indeed the signs weren’t lying you get soaking wet. There is something extremely calming about flying across the water, the wind whipping through my hair, my mind free to wander. I enjoyed every moment on the boat. The tour guide/boat driver was great. He enjoyed making really abrupt stops and tight turns that would send waves sloshing over the sides. By the end of the tour Katie and I were sticking our fingers in our ears to prevent the water from being shot into them. It was a great start to our Fourth of July.

Next up on our agenda was a visit to a roof top bar with a great view of Portland. Carol (the friendly person we met at Sweet Cheeks) recommended this place to us. The place lived up to its expectations with an awesome view. We ordered a bottle of champagne and a few appetizers. We had another celebratory toast and sipped back an enjoyed.

Happy Fourth of July America!

As I mentioned earlier, Oregon is full of wonderful genuinely friendly people. Two more such people were Cliff and _____. We had a nice chat with them and got even more advice on what to visit and where to eat. To our delight when it was time to leave and pay our tab the waitress informed us that they had already paid our bill.

Thank you!


Thank you again Cliff and _______ for sharing in our celebration, and sharing with us your knowledge of the area.

That night for dinner we were off to another recommendation from Carol’s list but due to the holiday most local places were closed. We found an open Macaroni Grill and enjoyed an Italian meal that was a refreshing change from all the burgers and pub food we had been consuming lately. That night we didn’t get to watch live fireworks but sure could hear them from the hotel. Another great day of vacation in Oregon!

Bundled up at the beach

Thursday the 5th we were off to the pacific coast to see the ocean. It had been recommended that we go to Canon Beach. On the way out we took the slightly longer more scenic route. The beach was rather different than the shores of LI. For starters the sand was much more compact. There were very few shells, but what there was an abundance of were broken sand dollars. I searched for a whole one but was unable to find one for a souvenir. The water was rather cold and not inviting especially because it was cool for beach weather in the mid 60’s and the sea breeze made it feel considerably cooler.

When we arrived at Canon beach we laid out towels from the hotel, kept on our sweat pants and shirts and relaxed with some light reading. Not your typical beach trip in the summer but enjoyable nonetheless.

When we had enough we headed back into town and went to Lumber Jacks for lunch. Joey and I split pulled pork sliders and a chicken sandwich. The sliders were fantastic I just wish they had given us a few more.Katie, the newly minted 21 year old, got her cocktail served in a very fancy beach bucket, which while appearing large was really just a bucket filled of ice cubes with one drink splashed into it. It made for a nice take home souvenir.

After lunch we walked down to a crepe place and Joey and I shared a banana and nutella crepe. It was very tasty, and the perfect dessert! Then we got back in the car and drove down to another beach entrance of Canon Beach that was closer to the well-known rock. The tide wasn’t low which meant that you could walk up to the rocks. After snapping a few more pictures it was time to head back to the hotel.

Canon Beach Rock!

When we got back to the hotel it wasn’t time to eat yet so we decided to see the new Spider Man movie. We saw it in 3D, which I am not the biggest fan of 3D movies but overall it was a pretty good film. By the time the movie got out it was late and we all settled on Wendy’s. Wow, talk about down grading, but nobody wanted to sit an wait at a restaurant. Another jam packed full day.

Friday was our last day in Oregon and we flew out on an 11:15 red-eye back to NY. We spent our last day visiting the Portland Zoo and another winery.

Portland Zoo

The Portland Zoo was good, but after having seen the San Diego Zoo earlier this year it really isn’t fair to compare. The animals at the San Diego Zoo were so much more lively and playful. In fairness to the Portland animals it was a much warmer day, and I really couldn’t blame there lethargy and hiding out in the shade. My favorite animals at this zoo were the giraffes and the otters.

After the zoo we headed to Safeway super market to by food to make a picnic lunch, which we packed and brought to the vineyard. Another wonderful scenery and laid back relaxing atmosphere. This winery did not have a large wine selection, and the majority of the choices were reds, unfortunately I prefer whites. The bottle we got was suppose to resemble a Riesling but in my opinion was much drier. That’s okay the sandwiches we made were delicious and it was once again enjoyable to be able to be outside with family and just relax. Then it was time to leave, time to say good-bye to Oregon, good-bye to our relaxing trip, good-bye to the extremely friendly strangers and hello hectic, fast paced New York.

We were beyond exhausted waiting for our late night flight home.


As usual I was not able to sleep more than one hour on the plane and used the restless hours to type up some posts for my blog and continue reading my book. We deplaned, got our luggage and were picked up at the airport by my Mom. When the doors opened to the outside street a blast of warm humid heavy air smacked us in the face. What a difference from the cool crisp Portland mornings of mid 50-degree weather. Yes, we landed in another NY heat wave and temperatures would rise to 100 degrees that afternoon. Still it felt good to be headed home.

Thanks everyone!

When we arrived at Joey’s house to my surprise we were greeted by Sachem East High School Track girls and coaches. The girls made posters and banners, and were jubilantly waving American Flags, shouting cheering, and clapping. I felt like a celebrity and the whole experience began to feel surreal again. It was quite a welcome home! Thanks girls, you not only make me feel so proud and so special but also help inspire me and push me to be my best. I am beyond excited to go over to London and represent you and all of Sachem on the World stage at the Olympics!

With SEGVTF race walkers Sarah and Holly…Kelly don’t be shy lol!

Thanks again, and remember, that just because I’m now titled an “Olympian” doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me, ask me questions, or make fun of Coach Coffey…don’t be shy…(cough cough especially my SEGVT race walkers).

Next stop: London!


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