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Interested in helping financially support my Olympic Journey to Rio click the button on the right. Your donation is greatly appreciated and tax deductible!

2015 Update:

The road to becoming an Olympian is not an easy one and the stresses go beyond daily training sessions. There is a certain amount of financial instability that must be endured in order to train at this level. Sacrifices are made everyday. I have recently chosen not to pursue an academic post-doc (the next step in being an independent scientist) in order to focus fully on training. Science can wait, I am only young once and this is my chance to reach my maximal fitness and push my athletic potential to its fullest. I will subsequently no longer be earning an income and will be dependent on the success of my racing (at best around 13,000 per year) and the generosity of others to help financially support my Olympic dream.

Thank you for following along in my journey. I warmly welcome any type of support be it financial support directly donated to me, indirectly donated on my behalf to LITF-USATF or Walk USA,  as well as any donations of gear and supplies (trust me shoes are not cheap when you need at least 1/2 dozen pair a year).  I am always on the look out for a sponsor(s) and am willing to think outside of the box. Please click the donate button to the right, or contact me through my contact page with ideas or ways you’d like to help!

Thanks again!


2012 Past Support:

Thank you for all the support that has helped me BECOME my Dream! Now my family needs your support too, in order to watch me compete on the world stage in London!

My family’s journey to London:

After Monday morning ambassador training that took about 3 hrs it was time to see how many family members we could get to London. It was time for my family to seriously look into booking tickets to London. I have been saving money since 2008, I had a separate money market account in the bank called “Oregon Fund” which over the years I would put away some of my prize money, Christmas money, and birthday money. By November of last year there was enough money to purchase five tickets, one for each member of my family to come out to Oregon for the Trials. This was really important to me because I really wanted the support of my family for the biggest race of my life. The last time my family took a family vacation together I was 14 years old and we drove down to Florida and enjoyed the theme parks. I’m 26 now and it has been a long time since the WHOLE family traveled somewhere together! This was also monumental because my brother Ricky who is 24 has never been on an airplane! Having the ENTIRE family out at Trials watching me race meant so much to me. Now it was time to see if it would be possible to make this happen one more time.

Since February of this year Joey, my family and the Sachem community had held various fund raisers to help raise additional money to help with my training costs as well as in hopes that I’d make the Olympic Team, sending the family to London to watch me compete. We sat down Monday (July 2nd) afternoon, looked at how much we currently had saved, factored in the prize money I had just earned from winning Olympic Trials and then looked at how much tickets and rooms would cost. While I would ultimately love to have my entire family there I knew the number one priority was to get my Mom and boyfriend (or as he likes to say “future fiancé”) Joey out there.

To our surprise when we looked at airfare it wasn’t as astronomical as we feared. In fact when all was said and done we were only several thousand (roughly $6,000) short of having enough money to get all five members of my family out there. Thankfully Joey was willing to spend his own savings to pay his way. (His family (my second family) also decided to pay their own way). Since we really didn’t have an option of waiting to see if we could indeed raise more money as the longer one waits the more expensive airfare becomes, we decided it was a financial risk worth taking to book the tickets that day. To limit expenses as best as possible we decided we’d squeezed three people in a two person room by bringing sleeping bags and arrive two days prior to my race and fly out immediately the day after my race. Looks as if my close knit family will become even closer in London! Having to book first, and then wait to raise money just meant we’d have to work twice as hard with fundraising and hope the home support would continue to flow in. After all this quite possibly could be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

I am beyond thankful to say after just two weeks the financial support has not stopped coming in, sometimes in large donations, sometimes a dollar or two here and there. Every little bit helps, and I am extremely grateful for everyone who has helped contribute to helping my family watching me race in London! We only have a little bit more to go and I am optimistic that the goal will be reached. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart!

6 Responses to Support Me!

  1. mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

    Thanks Uncle John and Aunt Cindy for your financial support and continued love!

  2. Eileen Dailey says:

    You recently impressed me while speaking at my grandson’s moving up ceremony. I was sad to hear about the lightening, but glad it wasn’t worse. Our entire family sends good wishes and a small donation. Wish it could be more. Have a great time.

  3. Susan says:

    Wishing you the best of luck in London! I am a Sachem graduate and we are raising our Chippewa kids in the sachem community. Thanks for the graduation speech  You have our support and we will be watching and cheering you on every step of the way. Congrats on the engagement too, very exciting year for you, enjoy it. – The Mullen Family

  4. Erin Cueto says:

    Hi Maria! My girls and I are wishing you the best of luck! You are a winner no matter what! Just making it to the Olympics affirms that…a medal in gold, silver or bronze will not prove it…although it would be sweet….your story, family, love and life confirms you are a platinum medal winner!
    I am a 1987 Sachem North graduate, my daughter had Mr. Joey Coffey last year! She really liked him and is so excited for you both! Hopefully my youngest gets him as a teacher in 11th grade!
    I will donate what I can, it cannot be much at the moment…but will support you and your family in any way!
    Go Maria, Go USA!
    Our wishes and love,
    Erin, Ashley and Kimberly!

    • mushie0408 mushie0408 says:

      Hello girls, thanks for taking time to write such a nice post,I love hearing from the Sachem community!I am proud to represent you and your girls as a Sachem Alumnus here at the Olympic Games! Thanks for the support, every little bit helps for sure! Best of luck to your girls in the up coming school year!

  5. Debbi Sullivan says:

    Would like to chat…email me:

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